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Commandline Arguments

There are several commandline arguments that the plugin can use

Available Arguments

    Will attempt to Auto-Login if you have saved PersistentAuth credentails saved on your computer (previous successful authentication)
    See supported list below
  • -AUTH_LOGIN=xxx
    Autentication ID for Auto-Login
  • -AUTH_TOKEN=xxx
    Authentication Token for Auto-Login
  • –EOSConfig=configurationName
    Override the default config name used in Project settings

Example Usage

  • Logging in to your instance of DevTool at localhost:1111
"C:\UE4Editor.exe" "C:\EOSProject\EOSProject.uproject" -game -log -AUTH_TYPE=DEVTOOL -AUTH_LOGIN=localhost:1111 -AUTH_TOKEN=MrX

Auto-Login with previously saved credentials

"C:\UE4Editor.exe" "C:\EOSProject\EOSProject.uproject" -game -log -AUTO_LOGIN

Supported AUTH_LOGIN types

  • -AUTH_TYPE=devtool
    Login using the DevTool
  • -AUTH_TYPE=autologin
    Attempt to autologin using saved credentials from previous session
  • -AUTH_TYPE=portal
    Authenticate using the Browser (portal)
  • -AUTH_TYPE=deviceid
    Login using local device id